Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pan-Fried Lemon Chicken

Hello cookievisioners

Sorry for a long 2 month absence. Its just that life in the real world has caught up to me and I'm averaging 3 hours of sleep a day. So what would I choose? Sleep or blog? Blog, definitely.Love you all :D

So today being a weekend and all, I got home late with unexpected visitors and I had to cook something fast. I started to just pan fry chicken drumsticks rubbed with a bit of salt, without oil, to make it healthier. However, I got more creative I guess (or less forgetful perhaps) and I added Rotisserie Chicken Dressing, teriyaki dressing, BBQ sauce, and some slices of lemon. And the end result turned out...pretty good!

So here's how you do this.

Get your raw drumsticks,
Wash them, (Do not add salt because the chicken will taste too salty with all the seasonings)
Marinate in Teriyaki sauce and Rotisserie chicken dressing for 5 min. You may add some scallions/onions if you wish
Now, time to get out your frying pan, turn heat to medium high, and add the meat.
When frying, dont forget to flip it occasionally to keep it from burning. 
After the meat has whitened a bit, you can use a knife to slit the meat a bit to allow it to cook faster.
Wait wait Patience is a virtue :D (3 min) You may turn the chicken one or two times during this period.
Now add BBQ sauce. Spread on to chicken evenly.
Cut up some lemon wedges and put them on top of the meat.
When you feel the chicken is almost done, verify by sticking a toothpick deep into the meat. If it comes out red with blood still, you need to wait more. Perhaps cut a few more slits in the meat to let it cook faster.
Later on, cut up some lemon wedges. Serve them as garnish. I would say that for a health conscious person, I would share 1 drumstick with another health conscious person. And serve with a heap of raw lettuce and some rice to balance out the heaviness of this dish.

ALSO IMPORTANT NOTE: The liquid left in the pan after you cook the chicken is known as "drippings." They are the main constituent of gravy. Mhmmmm.

So to make gravy, add 1/2 tablespoon flour to the pan, stir, and add 1/2 cup hot milk slowly until the gravy reaches the desired consistency. Season with salt to taste, pepper, lemon zest, etc. What ever you like. You may serve this with mashed potatoes, or put them on rice, our use it as dip for lettuce. However, gravy has lots of calories-around 40-50 for 1 tablespoon. Use with caution.

Ok so this is my sunshine thought for the day. Enjoy your meal!