Monday, January 30, 2012

Homage to Halal

When you think of food in NY, what comes to mind? Bagels and cream cheese with lox? Junior cheesecake? One of the hidden jewels of the city lies in the vast web of halal food carts embedded in the streetcorners, their gas engines spewing out carbon monoxide and at the same time the delicious aroma of barbecued meat. What do you get when you put yellow rice, some meat, spices, veggies, white sauce, and hot sauce all together? Chicken/Lamb over rice!!
The experience: 
Open up your white plastic takeout box. Close your eyes and smell. Take the plastic fork and jab at a piece of lamb. Open your mouth and try it. Chew the crisp rind of the meat, and savor the flavoring that enhances with every bite. Pick up a forkful of yellow rice. Put it in your mouth and chew carefully, tasting the earthiness of the turmeric. Also, have a bite of the simple salad: shredded iceberg lettuce with a few slices of tomato, smothered with white sauce. Repeat the above process until there is nothing left. The food they offer is not expensive, yet honestly satisfying, without any pretension.

I haven't yet been to the "Great" 6th Avenue and 53St food cart yet, but from what I have tasted at different food carts throughout town, they all taste wonderful. And the hot sauce is really hot, but not enough for someone like me, a fire eater. 
Not going to give away the recipes!
They also have GYROS!!!!
Next time you try some when you come to New York!! $3-6 to pay for 30 minutes of foodie heaven.