Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tilapia Gochijang Dooboo Jigae (Hot Pepper Paste soup with Tilapia and Tofu)

Hiyah people!
I haven't been posting for a while because of my diet. But now, since I'm finally off the hook, I get to enjoy cooking again ;)
So this is a pretty light recipe, but will leave you feeling full any day. For the cooler nights of late August.

I don't like to specify amounts because I feel it's subjective (hey, how much gochujang you put in is up to you...can't force you to burn your mouth off ;) ) Anyways, I never cook by amounts unless when I'm baking, that's when I follow the recipe down to the letter.

Tofu (1/3 of a block is good)
Kombu (Or any thick seaweed)
1 Tilapia filet
Gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
Dwenjang (Asian soybean paste)

Any kind of vegetables.

Soy sauce (to taste)*

1. Put cold water into a large pot, add dried kombu and diced tofu. Bring to a boil.
2. Add tilapia filet.
3. Add gochujang paste to taste. I usually add 2 tablespoons, I like it to be spicier.
4. Add any vegetables you prefer.
5. Add dwenjang if you think it needs more salt
6. Serve with soy sauce (diners can adjust soup savoriness to taste) and steamed white rice.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Berry Berry Berry Minty Smoothie

All this week, I've been following a smoothie diet so the only things I can consume are smoothies from mixed frozen berries with water and protein powder. It tasted great for the first few cups, but then it became bland. So I rebelled just a little, and I started adding a bit of other things to the smoothie. Hey, it's the only thing I'm eating, so better make it taste good.

It is so heavenly-tart, refreshing, with a hint of mint and cream. THE Best way to wake you up: better than coffee.

Cookievision's Berry Berry Berry Minty Smoothie 
-3/4 glass frozen berries 
OR 1/4 raspberries 1/4 strawberries 1/4 blackberries 
-1 spoonful of mint ice cream 
-water to fill to max capacity of blender cup 
-1 serving of tasteless or vanilla flavored protein powder (I use Amway NUTRILITE Protein Powder)*
-1 tsp vanilla extract*



Monday, June 18, 2012

Absolute Boyfriend/Darling (Taiwan Version)

my Absolute Favorite drama. Hands down the drama with the hottest lead actor I've seen in ages. I was hooked in 10 minutes.
At first I thought that this would be a flop because Wu Zun backed out at the last minute. But this proves that there's a reason for Jiro being leader of FLH. He is simply the best :D
Jiro Wang <3 You've made me a rockbaby from a chili. Congrats.
Give you guys some stills first :) 
I can totally believe he's a robot with this picture-its too flawless! 

First, the opening music is so angsty but so good. Smoldering face, smoldering voice as well? Its made for rock ;D

Who are these pretty girls? Identify them. They are both famous. 

And here is a gift on the top of my wish list for this Christmas (I want the other boxes too actually). Can anyone buy me one in exchange for my eternal gratefulness? 

Alright I'm tired. Goodnight kiss? 


Friday, February 3, 2012

Pinched nerves??

Hi all! Can someone give me some genuine advice? I woke up today at 3AM, usual time, and my left index fingertip was numb. It wasn't painful, just a dull, tingling sensation. This continued throughout the whole day, even as I type this. Did anyone have any similar experiences? What are they exactly and are they a symptom of some illness?
Help me please!! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Homage to Halal

When you think of food in NY, what comes to mind? Bagels and cream cheese with lox? Junior cheesecake? One of the hidden jewels of the city lies in the vast web of halal food carts embedded in the streetcorners, their gas engines spewing out carbon monoxide and at the same time the delicious aroma of barbecued meat. What do you get when you put yellow rice, some meat, spices, veggies, white sauce, and hot sauce all together? Chicken/Lamb over rice!!
The experience: 
Open up your white plastic takeout box. Close your eyes and smell. Take the plastic fork and jab at a piece of lamb. Open your mouth and try it. Chew the crisp rind of the meat, and savor the flavoring that enhances with every bite. Pick up a forkful of yellow rice. Put it in your mouth and chew carefully, tasting the earthiness of the turmeric. Also, have a bite of the simple salad: shredded iceberg lettuce with a few slices of tomato, smothered with white sauce. Repeat the above process until there is nothing left. The food they offer is not expensive, yet honestly satisfying, without any pretension.

I haven't yet been to the "Great" 6th Avenue and 53St food cart yet, but from what I have tasted at different food carts throughout town, they all taste wonderful. And the hot sauce is really hot, but not enough for someone like me, a fire eater. 
Not going to give away the recipes!
They also have GYROS!!!!
Next time you try some when you come to New York!! $3-6 to pay for 30 minutes of foodie heaven.