Monday, June 18, 2012

Absolute Boyfriend/Darling (Taiwan Version)

my Absolute Favorite drama. Hands down the drama with the hottest lead actor I've seen in ages. I was hooked in 10 minutes.
At first I thought that this would be a flop because Wu Zun backed out at the last minute. But this proves that there's a reason for Jiro being leader of FLH. He is simply the best :D
Jiro Wang <3 You've made me a rockbaby from a chili. Congrats.
Give you guys some stills first :) 
I can totally believe he's a robot with this picture-its too flawless! 

First, the opening music is so angsty but so good. Smoldering face, smoldering voice as well? Its made for rock ;D

Who are these pretty girls? Identify them. They are both famous. 

And here is a gift on the top of my wish list for this Christmas (I want the other boxes too actually). Can anyone buy me one in exchange for my eternal gratefulness? 

Alright I'm tired. Goodnight kiss? 


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