Friday, July 20, 2012

A Berry Berry Berry Minty Smoothie

All this week, I've been following a smoothie diet so the only things I can consume are smoothies from mixed frozen berries with water and protein powder. It tasted great for the first few cups, but then it became bland. So I rebelled just a little, and I started adding a bit of other things to the smoothie. Hey, it's the only thing I'm eating, so better make it taste good.

It is so heavenly-tart, refreshing, with a hint of mint and cream. THE Best way to wake you up: better than coffee.

Cookievision's Berry Berry Berry Minty Smoothie 
-3/4 glass frozen berries 
OR 1/4 raspberries 1/4 strawberries 1/4 blackberries 
-1 spoonful of mint ice cream 
-water to fill to max capacity of blender cup 
-1 serving of tasteless or vanilla flavored protein powder (I use Amway NUTRILITE Protein Powder)*
-1 tsp vanilla extract*



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