Friday, July 15, 2011

Muscle Girl Stills!

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I will definitely watch this.
Reason No. 1 
1. LEE HONG KI!! (Jeremy from You're Beautiful!!)
2. Also, really curious as to see how fluent Lee Hong Ki is in Japanese...
The only reasons all circulate around Lee Hong Ki... I know, I'm shameless, tsk tsk tsk but he's one of my favorite singer/actors ;-)  
Some yummy appetizers(excuse me, pictures) of LHK to eat (I meant look, sorry!) as you wait... (I confess to blatantly fangirling).
*No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only.
^_^ *
His smile is just angelical! ;-) *
Jeremy. What else can I say?  :-) *

These pics look delicious! I am going to look out to any food references and find the recipes for them!
Credits: happyhappyred + Only_Honggi
Reupload: LiaHongki@primindo *

One of those rare shows where Korean and Japanese artists collaborate!! Ganbatte!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pasta-La Sfera's Pasta Aglio e Olio-Supper

This is the dish that made Seo Yoo Kyung become a cook at La Sfera. I was really curious on how Pasta Aglio e Olio tasted so good so I decided to make some doesnt look like much, but if cooked the right way, it is AMAZING.

Sample picture courtesy of 

Cookievision's Pasta Aglio e Olio 
Time: at most 30 minutes
Serves 1 (large portion)
1. 1/2 lb of any kind of pasta you like
2. 2 cloves of garlic or more if you want to enhance the flavor
3. A pinch of ground dried chili pepper (add to taste). Fresh hot peppers are a good substitute.
4. 3 to 4 tablespoons good olive oil (do not use extra virgin or virgin! I recommend pure olive oil which is refined and is healthier to heat)
5. a pinch of curry powder
6. salt, 1 teaspoon
7. grated parmigiano or pecorino romano cheese (optional)
8. 1 cup shrimp, shelled and deveined. 

1. In a large saucepan, fill with 2-3 quarts water, add 1 teaspoon salt, bring to a boil, then add pasta.
2. While the pasta is cooking, peel your garlic and mince garlic into tiny cubes. Be careful!
3. Chop up your dried/fresh chili pepper
4. Get out your fry pans and a cooking spatula, turn on your stove, and add the olive oil. Then, add your shrimp, and cook for 1 minute, then add minced garlic and pepper. Sauté with spatula until the garlic turns brown and the shrimp turns pink. Immediately turn off the heat because you don't want to overcook the garlic. Mmmm!!
5. Now, when the spaghetti are cooked, drain them and transfer them to the pan, and use your spatula to mix the noodle and the sauce together (its pretty hard to flip noodles like the chefs did in the drama so I don't recommend it as a first try)!

6. Transfer to a serving bowl, and enjoy with a bit of grated cheese, dried parsley, and some fresh grape tomatoes!

Mangia bene! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pasta-The Three Fired Chefs Bread Pizza-Brunch

This morning, the refrigerator was almost empty. There were no leftovers or any traditional sandwich fillings, so I decided to make my own version of a dish they ate in the Korean drama Pasta (see at!)

Cookievision'sBread Pizza
Serves 4 
Total time needed: usually 1ess than 15 minutes. Varies with amount of people you want to serve.
1. 8 slices of bread
2. A jar of pasta sauce
3. Shredded or chopped up sharp cheddar cheese (or any type you like or have)
1. Spread generous amount of pasta sauce on bread (I usually use 1 tbsp)
2. Add cheddar cheese bits on top, just like pizza. If you are cooking for someone you <3 then you could make cute designs. Have fun!  ;-)
3. Now here, you could either
         a) microwave it for 3 minutes (to make it hot and melt the cheese)  ----Like in the movie version
         OR for a crispier version:
         b)get out your skillet/fry pan (ply pan in korenglish :-) ) and add 1 regular spoon of vegetable oil, heat
         for around 10 seconds, and add your tomato and cheddar bread, and toast until the cheese melts or
         until you are too hungry to wait :-)


-Rokujo of Cookievision