Friday, August 26, 2011

Harry Snape (not slash)

After watching the last Harry Potter film in a while, a big what-if came up to my mind. 

What if Lily and Snape married?
Seeing the angsty relationship between Lily Evans (Harry Potter's mom) and Severus Snape (a Death Eater turned Order of Phoenix member) portrayed in such a heartbreaking fashion (kudos to Alan Rickman!) I couldn't help feeling quite disappointed that Lily never got to see the good in Severus and also that Lily Potter and James Potter's relationship really lacked sustenance and realism. How does someone she despised as a bully for most of her life suddenly become the love of her life? How does someone like Snape whom she befriended for most of her life suddenly become hated just because he called her something insulting? He did apologize afterwards and she should have accepted it, because he was angry and humilated and wasn't in his right mind... just because of a fight that James Potter conjured up. I really think that if Lily just stuck to Snape, his great love for her would have caused him to give up becoming a Death Eater-because even becoming that was part of his plan to seem powerful, sexy, and awesome to Lily. If she flat-out told him that she would like him as a force of good, I think he actually has a chance of living a happier life...
Anyway, I just love Heathcliff-type characters, so dark, brooding, and tragically romantic ^^ 
I had lots of fun morphing pics to see how Harry Snape  looks like:

No wands pointed dangerously at you either...

 Instead of 

And look like this when he grows up
Rather James-ish! Snape might not be happy about this... but he has Lily's eyes more so than Harry Potter...

 But there would be a dramatically different story (with no Voldemort trying to take his life probably?) if Lily actually got married to Severus... I still ship them nonetheless...
Tell me what you think!

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