Friday, August 5, 2011

Jyamyummy eye candy ;-) aka Ja Myung Go Stills

To me, the addiction of watching dramas springs from mostly 2 sources: the ingenuity of the plot and the hotness of the characters, but not necessarily in that order. I'm a fangirl and proud of it. Usually, dramas usually meet one of the standards, and sometimes, neither.Ja Myung Go (2009) is one that, surprisingly, satisfies both qualities. 
I came across this fusion saguek drama when I was looking for something off the beaten path. This is probably one of the most underrated hi-budget dramas there was. It never got its chance to shine, with ratings while it was currently airing peaking at around 10% at the most. It was also cut from around 50 episodes to only 39 because it was owned by Queen Seon Deok. It was beaten by other popular dramas such as Queen Seon Deok, which came out around the time it was airing.
Early warning. This is a tragedy so if you can't tolerate sad endings, don't watch. But most sagueks have sad endings...
This centers on the tragic korean folktale of the love story between Prince Hodong of Goguryeo and the sister Princesses Lahee and Jamyung of Nakrang.
Every character, except for Park Min Young(Sungkyunkwan Scandal), is completely new to me. 
The stills: Wouldn't you want to see how this plays out also? I have to say Prince Hodong is pure eyecandy.
The Pictures that Started this all....
Hotness incarnate.


Park Min Young as Princess LaHee of Nakrang, the wife(unconfirmed, will watch later) of Prince Hodong of Goguryeo
She reminds me of chili peppers, just saying...

Entrees: The Main Dishes/Characters 
Princess Ja Myung  (Lahee's sister and Hodong's True lover...) portrayed by Jung Ryeo Won
I think the headpiece is a bit overdone....

Prince Hodong (Goguryeo) portrayed by Jung Kyung Ho
Hodong. Nuff said.

Dessert: A Combo!!

Menage a Trois anyone? Just kidding...o_o

Stills mean a lot to me. I watch mainly for a good plot and hot actors ;-)
I know this drama doesn't center in on food much at all, but aren't the actors delicious enough? O_O
I use too much food analogies.... but oh well, fangirls have a cannibalistic streak ;-p
Recaps to come.

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