Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ja Myung Go Ep 14 RECAP *spoilers*

I will start recapping from 14 on because this is where the adult characters show up.
Story up to now:
2 girls were born in Han-controlled Nakrang Territory to General Choi Li on the same day, approximately the same time. An imperial oracle told the emperor that these two girls will bring disaster to his kingdom, so he would need to kill them. Choi Li is unfortunately assigned with the task of killing his own daughters. Choi Li has two wives, therefore the children born would be half siblings. One wife, Wang Jasil, is beautiful, cunning and ambitious, a femme fatale type of character who will go to any length to save her daughter, even seducing the oracle to change his prediction to labeling her daughter as the princess of salvation while the other daughter would be the princess of destruction. The other wife of Choi Li is Mo Haso, who is elegant, virtuous, and kind, and due to Wang Jasil's scheme, she was forced to kill her child, but was unsuccessful due to fate, and she sent her child down a river in a boat to Shandong, China, where she becomes part of a circus troupe and grows up without knowing of her true identity.  Later on, Choi Li and his brother in-law Wang Goeng overthrow the Han from Nakrang and establish the Kingdom of Nakrang, where a power struggle ensues and ends with Wang Goeng's murder.Choi Li becomes king. Queen Wang Jasil's daughter, Princess Lahee, is his heir apparent. In Goguryeo, Prince Hodong, meanwhile, suffered a troubled childhood where from a young age, he had to fight against his step-mother, Queen Maeseolsu, who wanted to kill him so that she could produce a heir to the throne and give more power to the Biryuna tribe of her father. He had to survive multiple murderous attempts by his step-mom and, to protect himself, becomes a master swordsman and statesman from a young age.
Prince Hodong, who by now is a young adult, is absolutely furious when he hears Queen Maeseolsu has a child.  
I decided to start my drama recaps from here because this is the part where the story truly develops. This drama gives a REALLY LONG INTRO (13 episodes) about the history of the characters, which might be a reason some viewers gave up watching. However, I felt like the childhood scenes gave more depth to the character, and when the adult versions were finally introduced, I felt like they were my old friends. So if you want to get to the good parts, you should probably just watch from episode 14 onwards...

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